Carles Alonso
Release Agents Division Technician

Carles Alonso studied chemistry at the Universitat de Barcelona (UAB) in Catalonia (Spain), and he specialized in industrial chemistry with a masters degree at the same university.

In 2015, Carles joined Concentrol’s department of release agents as a R&D technician. From the beginning he has focused in optimizing and developing new release agent products for polyurethane foam. In that sense, that year, he got a grant to develop an industrial doctorate with collaboration with Universitat de Girona (UdG), which is still being developed. Kinetics of polyurethane polymerization is the aim of the PhD. Additionally, in 2016, he started working on die casting release agent for non-ferrous metals.

Moreover, he works in customer support and technical advice in close collaboration with the commercial managers.

Presentation details: 

April 11, 2019 | 17:30 

Optimising release agents from application through process to lower residue 

  • Release agents; one of the most important chemicals used for polyurethane molded foam manufacturers
  • The problem of misuse by customers not using or storing them properly and the resulting issues re: stability and efficiency
  • Instructing customers to provide technical recommendations to avoid these issues
  • Key factors to handle release agents properly 



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