Alvaro Ballesteros
Technical Service and Development
The Dow Chemical Company

Chemical Engineer by the UNAM with 19 years of experience in the polyurethane industry, from product development, client advisory, problem solving. Knowledge of several applications and industrial processes: systems for footwear, automotive, imitation wood, rigid foam, formulation of release agents and pigments.

Recently focused on the conversion of foaming agents in energy efficiency applications for Mexico and Central America.

Presentation details:


April 12, 2019 | 16:00    

Sustainable construction: polyurethane as an enabling element of a faster, cleaner and energy efficient industry

  • How sustainable construction relies on two pillars: industrialization and energy efficiency
  • Building with polyurethane powers the construction industry, through architectural versatility, excellent aesthetics, lightness, precision in its installation and resistance to destructive agents
  • The positive impacts on sustainability, from a drastic reduction in water use to the minimization of CO2 emissions and through less energy consumption of air conditioning systems
  • Cases that illustrate some of these advantages


April 12, 2019 | 17:00

Versatile, environmentally friendly formulations for compliance and performance

  • The imminent global transition to the 4th generation of foaming agents, and how Mexico and Latin America are not exempt from these regulatory changes
  • The main factors to consider in the selection of the expansion agent, at the same time how new polyurethane technologies can maintain or improve the performance of your application. 
  • A look at global and regional trends, including sustainability and safety, with the objective that the industry is aware that there are viable alternatives



 June 29th, 2021


June 30th, 2021


July 1st, 2021